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Jumping with Joy

Quaver's Marvelous World of Music is an innovative curricular tool designed to educate students about general music through engaging songs, activities, and interactive games. Julie Minder utilized this technology and curriculum in her classroom today to teach her 4th grade students how to identify the names of spaces on the music staff. Ms. Minder set up stations around the classroom where each student was able to participate in a new activity as a team. The first activity was an interactive game found in the Quaver software. Students would compete against each other using the smart board to identify musical notes as fast as they could. As you can see by our featured photo, students loved racing against the clock to see if they could beat their other classmates. They were "literally" jumping with joy. 
The second station was a bean bag toss activity. Students would toss a bean bag onto the music staff. Whatever line they landed on would be the space they would need to identify as part of the exercise. The third station was a recorder lesson playing the song Rockin' Raptor. Ms. Minder would sit with the students and help them navigate playing the song on their recorders. The fourth and final station was a coloring sheet where students could color in the music staff.
There was not a single unengaged student in today's lesson. While the exercises were meant to be educational, you could see it in the students faces that everyone was loving each activity. As fun as we try to make every day for our kids, sometimes "fun" isn't a part of the equation due to the nature of the content. It takes an exceptional talent of an educator to come up with innovative ways to reach and engage with students during every single lesson. Music like math, science, or any other discipline has many "dry" moments where an educator can take the easy way out and just give the students a worksheet. Ms. Minder knows better than these ancient practices. She develops and reinforces innovative lesson plans that help peak students curiosity and elevate their enthusiasm. By integrating FUN into the fundamentals, the students not only learn but they get to experience a classroom that fosters their creativity, passion, and love for the performing arts. 
Ms. Minder is beloved by Chestnut, Painesville City Schools, and her students. We are so thankful for the talents she brings to our building and to the district. Our students are so much better as a result of her incredible teaching strategies and techniques.