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Positively Patriotic

Our first grade classrooms had a friendly visit by two veterans from the American Legion this past Friday afternoon. They came to the building to teach our students flag etiquette and the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Both of our distinguished guests served during the Vietnam War.  Joe Milmont retired from the U.S. Marine Corps and Bill Keller retired from the U.S. Marines.
The veterans showed a short cartoon that taught the children the importance of the flag. They went on to explain the concept of Liberty. When the veterans' asked the question, "What is Liberty?" One student replied, "My Mommy moved there one time." The class laughed and were entertained by the student's quirky response. Joe and Bill went on to talk about the sacrifices made for our freedom throughout history.  When discussing our Founding Father, George Washington, a student was excited to relay the information, "He's the person on our money.  He's over there on our money chart." 
The students had a great time and learned a lot about American History and the sacrifices made for our country. Each student received a flag and a certificate to show they participated in the training. We thank our teachers Ms. Dunne, Ms. Wright, Ms. Joyner, and Mr. Tibayan for hosting our guests. We also cannot express our gratitude and appreciation enough for the sacrifices Joe and Bill made for our country. We are honored and privileged they could stop by our classrooms to impart their wisdom to our students.