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Chestnut Math is a Blast from the Past

Math is fundamentally important for everything we do in day to day life. Even the most simple of tasks require understanding mathematics. We use math to tell time, count money, cook, and solve problems. Given how instrumental math is to our daily routines, math literacy is one of the most important core subjects we teach at Painesville CIty Schools. Our teachers constantly strive for unique and engaging ways to spark our students interest in learning math. Monique Farrington, a third grade teacher here at Chestnut, is exceptional at providing fun yet informative learning environments for her students to learn these core disciplines.
On Friday, Monique led a lesson on multiplication with the help of dinosaurs. Students can more readily develop an understanding of multiplication concepts if they are able to see an example of the process. She used dinosaurs as an example of how to arrange objects, pictures, or numbers in columns and rows to create an Array. Arrays are useful representations of multiplication concepts that help students to visually picture how to multiply sets of data.
The students loved this lesson and it was evident by the 100% participation rate of every student in her class. There was not a single student uninterested in learning about multiplication with the dinosaurs. Ms. Farrington's innovative teaching techniques are a shining example for educators across the country. Her ability to take something as simple as a multiplication lesson and turn it into a fun, interactive experience is exemplary. The primary responsibility of any educator is to "teach." However, the best of the best educators inspire. We are fortunate to have a world class staff at PCLS, and Ms. Farrington is the perfect example of this. She is cultivating young people to be the best they can be and the results of her hard work are evident. When you walk into her classroom, the atmosphere and demeanor of her students is fiercely contagious. Chestnut and Painesville City Schools is incredibly fortunate to have educators like Ms. Farrington serving our students every day! Thank you Ms. Farrington! We love you and thank you for all that you do!