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Chestnut 4th and 5th Grade Students Compete in Science Fair

Chestnut Elementary and Painesville City Schools is proud of all the hard work our students dedicated to their projects in this year's science fair. We would like to thank district curriculum department staff members Wendy Camper, Nicole Byers, and Erin Cirino for ensuring that this event is a fundamental component of our science curriculum. By offering hands on learning opportunities, we hope to foster a passion that learning can be both enriching and fun.
Without further ado, here are the 2018 Science Fair recipients for 2018:
4th Grade
1st Place: Jacob Boehm and Sofia Martinez "Landslides" 
2nd Place: Karyme Lopez, Arleni Bustos, and Valeria Nila "Fabric vs. Balloon"
3rd Place: Nigell Booker, Carla Cardenas, and Chloe Rodriguez "Magnets"
Honorable Mentions: 
Alex Boskovic and Isla Barajas "Water Magnets" 
Alonso Perciful, Julius Brewer, and Deontae Ware "Energizing Foods" 
Maria Ledet, Maya Sublett, and Alannah Poole "Bouncing Balls" 
5th Grade 
1st Place: Caleb Debevic "Craters" 
2nd Place: Miracle Martin "How do you think strawberries react in aloe vera juice and water" 
3rd Place: Autumn Lubanski "How far will airplanes fly"
Honorable Mentions: 
Crystal Vanegas "Skittles Science" 
Lillian Parkinson "Ball Launch" 
Xylia Poindexter "Leaves & Light" 
Richardo Morales "Craters & Meteorites"
Angel Santiago Maldonado "Mold Growth"
Colin Dixon "Impacting Craters" 
Emily Gnad "Saving Blackberries"